Well...Hellah!!My Name is Colin...I want to tell you my life! It was and is still hard! I'm living t... weiterlesen

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"Just a little bit desperate!"

Okay something goes COMPLETELY wrong in my life! At the Moment I have suicide thoughts but i try to ... weiterlesen

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Stan's grave

Lena came back! She said she want to go to Stan's grave! Stan was one of her best friends! He died i... weiterlesen

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Take my heart and destroy it!

I came back from School...And I came to the conclusion that i probably move to Seattle. I mean, why ... weiterlesen

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My best friend...

My best friend gave me the best advice! She said each day's a gift... And not a given right! Yes, th... weiterlesen

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What should I do?

Seriously! What should I do?I'm thinking about killing myself but not now. And I'm thinking about to... weiterlesen

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"Things will get better!"

"Things will get better!"...How often i heard this sentence...Maybe it is true, but maybe ... weiterlesen

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