Stan's grave

Lena came back!

She said she want to go to Stan's grave! Stan was one of her best friends! He died in her arms!

Lena just sat in front of is grave and stared at the grave Stone! I stood behind her and watched her! Tears ran silently down her face. She didn't look sad, she was just without any emotions.

As i stood behind her i watched other People on the graves of their Familys and friends. There was a funeral too... A funeral of a Little child! The mother layed on the coffin of her child, crying like she's dying! I'm pretty sure that she died! Inwardly! I got this thoughts again! Lena just stared at the grave Stone for an hour!

This funeral from the Little child was touching! The pain cries from the mother and the father were horrible... after half an hour i needed to leave! I couldn't stay this horrible experience!

So i Need to ask: Where's the difference between death and life?

Many People i know say, that you are free when u are dead, but i don't believe this anymore...

I tried to kill myself now 4 times! But dead is no solution!

9.6.13 14:18

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