"Things will get better!"

"Things will get better!"...

How often i heard this sentence...

Maybe it is true, but maybe not! In the last 12 hours things got better. A friend of mine said that my crush likes me, but i don't think so. She don't likes me THIS way i like her...

And you should NEVER be the sweet guy in a house full of Teenager (10-13 years old). They will attack you an be like: "OOHH, HE'S SOO CUTE!!" I hate how i look! I hate how I sing! I hate how I am!

I fell in the bathroom and my head started bleeding. Fortunatly Snake's a good 'doctor'.

In the last time many thunderstorms came to our City and I AM maybe a childhead, but i hate thunderstorms...

Slowly i get depressed...

12.6.13 16:38

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